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            2019 Fun Spring Sports Meeting in NJUTS
            2019-06-14 Source: this site

            On May 22, 2019, Nanjing Union Theological Seminary held a fun spring sports meeting at the seminary’s sports field.


            2019 Funny Spring Sports Conference Meeting in NUTS.jpg

            Organized by Department of Culture and Sports of the Students’ Union, the sports meeting aimed at raising students’ awareness of protecting environment and animals.

            The sports meeting included four group activities: “fellow-traveller”, “muddle through and spin cloth strips”, “fetch water in the minefield”, and “stay-up-forest”. There were also dozens of individual activities “move onward in motion”, “plank, persevere till the end”, “slum dunk”, “move earthbags, finish the assignments”, etc.

            2019 Fun Spring Sports Meeting in NJUTS2.jpg

            Some students dressing up in animal mascot costumes appeared at the sports fields, which added a lot more amusement and joy to the sports meeting.  

            Theological students could not only relax their mind and body, enjoy the pleasure of sports, but also improve the spirit of fellowship, experience the beauty of being in harmony with the nature.

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