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            2019 Days of Theology in Shanghai
            2019-04-02 Source: this site

            March 16 and 17, 2019 are the Days of Theology for the church in Shanghai. Donation received within these two days would be given to East China Theological Seminary for theological education.


            Rev. Xie Bingguo, president of East China Theological Seminary gave a sermon entitled “Jesus is the good shepherd” in Shanghai Huai’en Church (Shanghai Grace Church). In the service, senior theological students sang All nations praise God and The power of the Holy Spirit.

            On the morning of March 17, students of theology and sacred music students went to churches in Shanghai attending the worship service and singing hymns. Teachers from the seminary were also invited to share messages.


            Afterwards, the theological students met the pastors of the churches and received words of encouragement from them.


            The Days of Theology has been set on the third Saturday and Sunday of every March since East China Theological Seminary was founded by Shanghai CC&TSPM.


            It aims at drawing more attention from the Christians in Shanghai churches to value theological education, care for pastor cultivation, and pray for East China Theological Seminary.

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