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            Home About Us
            About Us

            The Official English Website of the Protestant Churches in China is the only comprehensive portal by CCC & TSPM (National Committee of Three-self Patriotic Movement of the Protestant Churches in China and China Christian Council). We report first-hand news of CCC & TSPM and share both domestic and international Christian news at home and abroad. The website aims to deliver national policies and regulations on religions, display achievements in the Reconstruction of Theological Thinking of the Church in China, “Zhongguohua” (Indigenization and Contextualization of Christianity in China) and social service. It is also a platform for local CC & TSPMs, seminaries and churches to obtain and share information. Services of pastoral care are also available to church members. 

            The website of the Protestant Churches in China was created in 2002. The new Chinese version was launched on 15 Jan 2018. We expect your attention and recommendation.

            Please contact our web editor if you found an error or need to make consultations or suggestions.

             E-mail address: web@ccctspm.org

            Tel: 021-63390761 (Mon-Fri 08:30 to 16:30)

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